Ian, have a word with the production company because they aren't doing you lot any favours at all. Four men were badly injured as a result. He was a former member of the British Parachute Regiment who took part in a training jump in Holland and landed in a tree before falling 42 feet to the earth, sustaining many injuries and nearly losing his life. He wants this forgotten hero of history hung up and on display for all his clients to marvel at. Hires the vehicles etc out to film companies. We paid 80 per gun, decommissioned them and sold them for 2,500 each. Biography ID: 22454742 . In the first edition, the larger-than-life Londoner gets his hands on a 70-year-old Volkswagen Schwimmwagen - an amphibious car that he test-drives through a lake at a country fare. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The Standard has established that Ed Maloney, a senior Metronet manager involved in awarding the Oxford Circus contract to Lanes Group, has a private business relationship with Bruce Crompton, a main board director of Lanes. The contract, seen by the Standard and valued at around 850,000, had three elements. Mr Crompton was unavailable for comment at his Suffolk home. His smallarms expert he introduced as a "ex para" he wears the shirt, as does Crompton sometimes. Then, he worked for a firm run by Lanes Group Director Bruce Crompton. Place names. he was a former member of the British Parachute Regiment, so Bruce also participated in a training jump in Holland. 14 February 2021. Our modern, newly built workshop is fully equipped to cater for all restoration requirements. Any successful prosecution would further vindicate the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, in his opposition to the Tube PPP. Unlock the mysteries of your family history and explore the rich tapestry of your past with AncientFaces. 6. One student died, one was blinded, 128 were injured. 44min. A signaller said: Bare with me on this:- When Drew Prichard ( Salvage hunters) went to Bruce Crompton's place on the east coast, to buy up some old stock for his antique shop, the persona of Mr Crompton was entirely different to what is seen on " Combat dealers" The voice over commentary stated that he is a director of an engineering company . We have a GREAT service to help you contact Bruce Crompton's agents about specific business enquiries - click here for full details. But if there has been any threat to our members' safety then this is very grave indeed. For the last 16 or so years, he has worked for Lanes Rail Division, as a night-time supervisor - he worked nights for 14 years - before becoming a contracts manager, and switching to days. Hus said: Its been a really good laugh. How do I book Bruce Crompton's. A number of people are interested in contacting Bruce Crompton's management and agent for potential commercial opportunities and business-to-business engagements. The show was a big hit on Quest TV and has been sold around the world. In the 1989 he feared he was being kidnapped by former Viet Cong soldiers after being driven deep into the jungle in search of abandoned American kit. Episode 6. Bruce Crompton Wiki, Bio, and Age Balfour Beatty would only say that it was "aware" of the police inquiry. The tank was a non-runner and missing quite a number of fittings, but it was still a huge draw for anyone wanting to see a Panther out in the open air. Check out the museum website and social media: ausarmour.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ausarmour/. You can post now and register later. Until recently Lanes Group was known as "Lanes For Drains". There was still a jackboot on the pedal with a skeletal foot inside it, says Bruce. He did the deal good as gold because we matched him drink for drink. The worry I have how is that people might think I carry cash about all the time. They don't appreciate how expensive this stuff is the Nazi jackets are worth 10,000 each! There was so much more detail to take in. Weve just sent a Panther to a friend of mine in Australia. Over the last five years Lanes Group has also won millions of pounds worth of other work on Metronet's stations programme, including a project on a ventilation shaft at Waterloo. Theres a First World War trench pump that was used in Ypres; a lavatory from Hitlers state apartment (boasting side-flush instead of a chain); and a bath that belonged to Winston Churchill (My hero. Hardcore Pawn Harold's Gamble. In 2019, he suffered a deadly life-threatening accident. SUFFOLK PUNCH. In 1961, by the time he was 31 years old, on August 13th, East Germany began erection of what would become the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin. Also, Crompton is the proprietor of one of the biggest twentieth-century military gear and engine vehicles. When 2 or more people share their unique perspectives, Bruce Crompton has always been fascinated by wartime memorabillia ; . Find out more, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, Chock-full: Ex-paratrooper and presenter of the Amazing War Stories podcast Bruce Crompton, photographed at home in Halesworth with part of his military collection, All ears: Bruce Crompton in his podcast studio, Beret days: Crompton (on the left) as a paratrooper in the 1980s, Eye-catching: Crompton first came to the public's attention in the Discovery channel show, Combat Dealers, From Ken Bruce to Terry Wogan: How to sign off in style, Ken Bruce's final Radio 2 show: the best in the business bows out with dignity intact, Reverend Coles and Charles Spencer's unashamedly posh and highbrow trivia podcast is a sheer delight, Vernon Kay is the right choice to replace Ken Bruce as long as you're under 45. Bruce is still recovering after weeks in intensive care and numerous surgery. Every time I come out into a car park, I have to look left and right. "Nobody could work out why they were getting all these contracts.". 1) Hetzer Tank Destroyer: German / Czech Number of Photos: 1: Click here or on the image for this tank's profile page. Now his day job is as director of a firm that carries out maintenance work for the London Underground; its a career successful enough to have kept him in tanks. teletech The memo says that Mr Brown made the recommendation to award the contract to Lanes - but industry sources told the Standard that no quantity surveyor would do this and said the final responsibility was always the project director's, in this case Mr Maloney. At around 7:15 a.m., police received a call about a single-vehicle collision at Burnhamthorpe . The Biography piece is collaborative, where we work together to present the facts. ? It is not clear what work has been completed by Lanes at Oxford Circus. It caused him multiple injuries; it nearly cost him his life. Wishing you well Bruce, in future leave the aircraft after it has landed. When the stunt man tried to turn, it nearly went over. One man wrote to say his father-in-law, whos a blind veteran, gets his Alexa to play the new episodes when they come out every Friday. Episode 3. Not that he has lost any of his passion for hunting down more incredible artefacts. This is not just bringing history to life, but giving the listener a ringside seat, with carefully chosen sound effects immersing you in events. In his post Mr Campbell said, "Christopher Luxon might be able to rescue his party from stupidity on climate change, but rescuing this from a well he has dug himself might be harder.". In the wake of the success of Combat Dealers and the impact of Fury, Mark Barnes spends a day with Axis Track Services and chats with Bruce Crompton about his passion for military history. Notice the use of sloping armour on the sides as well as the front. It features a "all things military dealer " called Bruce Crompton. He has one of the largest collections of military hardware in the world. He landed into a tree and then a freefall of 42 feet to the ground. IIRC 'reactivation' of anything is a big no-no but stand to be corrected. Huss reputation for being a character has been further enhanced in the last 12 months by his appearances in the Combat Dealers TV series, following the experiences of Bruce Crompton, who is a keen collector of military vehicles and artefacts. Last year ended wretchedly with him back in hospital to have his spleen out, while his father was dying in the next ward. The meticulous restoration carried out by Axis Track Services is underlined by the fascinating images provided by the company. In 1970, Bruce was 40 years old when on May 4th, four students at Kent State University in Ohio were shot and killed by National Guardsmen. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Where we share as we remember & make discoveries and connect with others to help answer questions. Rome against the Cimbri 113 - 101 BC. But the disclosures could also cause problems for him. Christmas has come early for military artefacts dealer Bruce Crompton when he gets his hands on an incredibly rare German Panther tank. To date it has received spectacular reviews, and we are incredibly proud to have contributed towards a production that has been called 'the best Hollywood war movie since Saving Private Ryan' . Episode 5. Crompton (West Warwick), a community in West Warwick, Rhode Island, US Crompton, Greater Manchester, in Shaw and Crompton, Greater Manchester, England formerly in Lancashire; Crompton Urban District, an obsolete local government district that covered Shaw and Crompton until 1974; Institutions and companies. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 14 Jul 2014. Four years its taken. His wife Sue and the rest of his family agree that, as he puts it, Im bouncing back. Bruce leads us into an enormous metal shed packed with tanks and trucks. He boasts over 40 years' experience of working and delivering emergency response and planned maintenance projects in the rail sector. 2/51 - I've got some WW2 German soap, perhaps we can make a military restrooms through the ages show. The thing that hits home is the sheer height of the tank, I stood on a ladder set up for us to view the hull and turret and I was surprised how small the hatches are for the crew. The tank, itself, sat in the workshop where engineers Nick and Phil spent four years restoring it back to full glory. Oxford Circus is used by 63 million passengers a year. 6:00 PM. The average age of He has found incredible relics in the unlikeliest places. They kept that footage in there it's a great part of the film.. Thanks also to the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum. "They are actually less qualified to do this incredibly sensitive job than your average household electrician out of the Yellow Pages," said one senior transport industry source. He also used to lend vehicles and kit to films Saving Private Ryan, Fury but does less of that too these days. Bruce Crompton was practicing para jumping in Holland in April, ready to take part in the Daks Over Normandy jumps. The hull and turret were manufactured in the Hermann Goring Steel Works in Linz, Austria, but the final assembler is unknown due to the loss of its original . ", http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/32a9c2ad#/32a9c2ad/48, Combat Stress Charity Challengehttps://www.arrse.co.uk/community/forums/-/create-thread. In one day, they installed barbed wire entanglements and fences (called Barbed Wire Sunday in Germany). Crompton, in addition to serving with the Parachute Regiment for six years, helped his father build up and sell on a number of companies. The Standard's disclosures will be a further major blow for Gordon Brown, who as Chancellor forced through the controversial Tube public-private partnership. SirLanceUK In the Halesworth Airfield Museum he learned about Donald Field, a pilot who risked his life steering his damaged, explosive-laden Lancaster bomber away from a local town. A combination of restored parts and fittings or newly fabricated replacements go into an immensely complicated machine. When the "rioters" wouldn't disperse, the guards were ordered to use tear gas and batons. According toTvGuideTimesarticle, Bruce Cromptons net worth is approximately$1 million. And shortly before the start of the Balkan War, Bruce and his team travelled to Sarajevo to meet a Serbian general who had piles of Second World War machine guns to sell. He is a billionaire whose company was the . Diagnosed as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, Kaczynski is serving 8 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Anyone who works with Hus will not be surprised to hear that. Bruce Crompton poses with Winston Churchill's bath. He also has a team restoring tanks here. ", The spokeswoman would not comment on Balfour Beatty. Ineffective? It's July's Soldier magazine in PDF and not some grot website BTW. His smallarms expert he introduced as a "ex para" he wears the shirt, as does Crompton sometimes. After two bottles I was feeling ill and he was paralytic. Production of a new season of Combat Dealers is in the offing and he has plenty of projects filling his time. Your email address will not be published. bruce crompton accident. Your previous content has been restored. TORONTO -- Two people are dead following a crash in Mississauga on Saturday morning, Peel police say. Use this section to ensure that your enquiry is directed to the right personnel at Lanes Group plc. We share yesterday, to build meaningful connections today, and preserve for tomorrow. He was preparing for a major WW2 anniversary he was a former member of the British Parachute Regiment, so Bruce also participated in a training jump in Holland. They would retain the original section until inspected and stamped regardless of condition. Prior ordering, check also the information on my Delivery page and Legal page. A TfL spokeswoman said: "The PPP administrator has advised LU that potential employment irregularities have been identified with Metronet subcontractors. Welcome to CS Militaria. In episode one, A for Apple, Mr Crompton - originally from East London - retells the story of the Lancaster bomber which narrowly avoided wiping out the town of Halesworth in 1943. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Your link has been automatically embedded. Director(s): BRUCE YARDLEY CROMPTON, ANDREW JAMES BRIERLEY, RICHARD ELLIOT LEIGH, WAYNE TREVOR EARNSHAW, Accident In 2019, he suffered a deadly life-threatening accident. Lanes contracts manager Hus Ibrahim celebrates his 50th birthday today, but says: I dont feel 50, I dont look like Im 50 and I dont think like Im 50.. Mainly used as an American base, both the 56th Fighter Group and the 489th Bomb Group stayed here. Image Intensified L18A1 Night Sight Periscope wiring question. The Standard's disclosures today are a result of a two-month investigation into Metronet. Bruce says: I've already lined up to go to Russia to Volgograd to see a sword that was given to Stalin by our king, George VI. Bruce Crompton of Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania was born on February 23, 1930, and died at age 65 years old on February 4, 1996. His mailed or hand-delivered bombs, sent between 1978 and 1995, killed three people and injured 23 others. teletech Here, a short bio on Bruce. Filter appointments Filter appointments Current appointments Total number of appointments 12 Date of birth February 1956. That quarry is located near bath and owned by Sydney orford the dems expert and as far as I know anyone can hire it to do stuff as long as a certificated armorer is present etc, Hi mate I got your email and I have pinged you back cheers, Discover Tomato Varieties: While Galactic Magic Seeds is No Longer Available, There's Still Plenty of Variety for Your Garden, Galactic Magic Seeds was a website that offered tomato seeds from various breeders, including Rebel Starfighter Prime. Even more colourful is the story of Cherie Blair, then the Prime Minister's wife, visiting the set of Band of Brothers and breastfeeding her son Leo across the dining table from Bruce as he ate. I wasnt going to be poisoned by radioactivity for Bruce b****y Crompton. When I think back to its days at the Hop Farm, it seems incredible these are one and the same vehicle. This collection is owned by Bruce Crompton. Add Bruce's family friends, and his friends from childhood through adulthood. Charismatic Bruce Crompton and his team, buy, repair and sell World War II military gear, travelling the world in search of rare artefacts to restore and sell. Russian media last night named the man who died as Dmitry Obretetsky.

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