The head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers won the ACC in 2021 and has his team rolling toward a bright future. He also beat Michigan in the Alamo Bowl. At the very least, like Jon Gruden, he knows the kind of player that the NFL prefers. Why It Might Work: Arandas Bears came out of nowhere to win the Big 12 in 2021 and beat Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl. Almost all of his coaching career has been in the state of Ohio. Youre going to hear a lot of names. Hes quietly leading one of the most competitive programs in the country, causing a ton of trouble for their opponents in the Mountain West. Doeren might be the most underrated coach in the Power 5. When you hire an FCS coach, even one of the leagues best, youre rolling the dice. The former Auburn head coach known for taking them to the last ever BCS championship game, Malzahn got run out of town after a few mediocre seasons by their standards and is now at UCF. No, we need more. Before that he was Notre Dames offensive coordinator, and before that he was the head coach at Grand Valley State and won multiple Division II national championships, posting a record of 74-7. Some of these names are crazy, some are not even remotely realistic, and some are legitimate targets. Maybe he could pull it off and be great, but thats a tall order. Can the Huskers rebound? He was reportedly Michigans second choice if they didnt land Harbaugh in 2014. (859) 414-6776. After 15 seasons, Calhoun has yet to win the Mountain West. Recall that he inexplicably lost to a bad Bowling Green team in 2021, in a season when Minnesota finished 9-4. His recruiting classes at Michigan were all very good, and he completely transformed the Wolverines defense, which had become a joke under Rich Rodriguez. It would be a jarring cultural change for him to come to Big Ten country. Oh, and his current OC is Tim Beck. Nebraska would certainly expect more from him than what he did in Starkville. If you look deeper than his 47-42 record, you see a program builder. Does Nebraska really want to take a chance on someone with that kind of baggage? Seven candidates ran in the Democratic primary. (Consider this: How many guys with statues on campus are firedduring the season?) It would all but confirm that Nebraska is interested primarily in giving the reins to former Huskers. 6-keys: media/spln/collegefootball/reg/free/stories, at This FanPost created by a registered user of Corn Nation. He will have many suitors. Why It Might Not: Setting aside the baggage that Malzahn allegedly would bring with a reportedly outspoken wife who creates drama, this guy seems entrenched in the deep South. Closing Comment: Despite some Husker fans pounding the table for Chadwell, I think he more than likely ends up in the SEC or ACC. His head coaching record is an impressive 87-42, but that wasnt enough to satisfy championship-hungry Auburn boosters. He served as Marylands interim coach after they fired DJ Durkin. Scott Frost is out at Nebraska. Toledos head coach, he took over when Matt Campbell left for Iowa State. He got all that and then some at USF, and good lord, what a disaster. Just imagine the press conferences. Ah, yes. And yeah, Im ranking thesebased on how appealing I think they are, the kind of fit theyd be, and how much energy or excitement their arrival would inject into the program. The fact that he was scooped up almost immediately by UCF shows that he was and will continue to be a hot commodity. Frost studied under coaching legends, knew the Nebraska program inside and out, had two years of head coaching experience, and still failed. Although Mullen may have gotten fired in a profession with brutal expectations, there may have been problems underneath the surface. Hiring him would have the obvious potential of failing spectacularly. What gives? He produced Dak Prescott for the Dallas Cowboys and his first three seasons at Florida were very good. Nebraska education officials are one step closer to axing the basic skills test that keeps some new teachers out of classrooms. His heyday at North Dakota State is tough to overlook, and his ties to Nebraska are very appealing. These are the head-explode, spit-take hires that the college football world would probably lose its mind over if Nebraska pulled it off. According to one report, a former FBS head coach and long-time defensive coordinator will be joining the Tigers for the 2023 season. Mark Stoops, Kentucky coach: Stoops has spent a decade methodically developing the Wildcats into an above-average, competent SEC program. Receivers coach Mickey Joseph will be the interim coach for the Huskers. FCS champion coaches havent always done great with the jump to FBS, and Bohls time at Wyoming isnt anything to write home about (other than a certain quarterback). Aranda probably wont be coming into the Big Ten with the same level of naive arrogance, shooting off his mouth about how the conference should adjust to him. Now that Frost is gone our focus turns to who Trev Alberts will hire to be Nebraskas next coach. He is easily the best head coach on the market, from a purely football perspective. Nebraska football coaching hot board: 21 candidates for the job Jimmy Watkins , Evan Bland , Sam McKewon , Luke Mullin Sep 12, 2022 Updated Sep 26, 2022 Nebraskas top three candidates for the open coaching job are Iowa States Matt Campbell, Kansas coach Lance Leipold and Alabama offensive coordinator The former Raiders and Bucs head coach is one of the sports biggest characters, and also one of the most controversial. Scott Frost has been fired. Leonhard is a brilliant defensive mind, but does Nebraska want to put all its eggs in the basket of a hot assistant who had never assembled a staff or been responsible for recruiting? Bring him in, allow him to restore some semblance of competitiveness, and then when he retires (in 5 to 7 years), go after the elite guy. In addition, while his teams have done well overall, there are times when his ability as a play-caller has been costly. A solid resume for a Big Ten coaching candidate. If youre going for the veteran guy that no one else is looking at, this is a low-key option that has the potential of working out big time. This seems like a Southern-oriented guy. Why It Might Work: Hes still young at 47, and its not like his career has been a complete failure. Stoops has produced double-digit win seasons, has his program regularly vying for an upper spot in the SEC East, and has sent multiple players to the NFL drafts early rounds. The 2023 salary cap has already been A lot can change over the course of the season. He did the obligatory rehab-at-Alabama thing. So stay tuned. If you wanted to replicate Wisconsin at Nebraska, you couldnt do much better than this guy. Why It Might Work: Monkens teams practice great fundamentals and rarely if ever beat themselves, which would be a welcome change from the Scott Frost era. Why It Might Not: The Huskers have had mixed results with first time head coaches who needed to learn the job on the fly. Instead he kept the team competitive when it could have easily imploded. Both BYU and Virginia had overall low expectations relative to Nebraska's, but at the same time he'd be taking over the program when those expectations are at their lowest in nearly half a century. So without further ado, lets get into it. Strong would have to go a long way to prove that hes viable as head-coaching material for a big program. to get more serious about football, but now that they have, the results are showing. If Nebraska missed on Matt Campbell but wanted a similar type of coach, Candle is as close as you can get without the turnaround job at Iowa State. He also would not be completely new to the Big Ten and might be more prepared in his second go-round. Coming off one of his biggest wins Saturday at Florida, there is evidence Stoops may have peaked with the Wildcats. Hes still fairly young at 46. You may know him as the former OC who helped Penn State to their Big Ten championship in 2016. So it seems like hes got the head coaching chops, and his coordinator experience at LSU and Wisconsin make him very familiar with how big programs operate. He took a lowly Arizona program to the Pac-12 championship before losing to Oregon, proving hes capable of making a run in the right circumstance. He'd have much better access to the Big Ten Championship Game (as opposed to the SEC Championship Game) playing in the Big Ten West. 225 Nebraska Union Lincoln, NE 68588-0451 402-472-3145 The question is whether Nebraska wants to face the price tag and stomach the baggage. Jerry Kill: If Nebraska wants to poach a head coach from another school, Jerry Kill seems like a logical direction to go. The bottom is "Could Be Interesting." Could it be interesting? I may do a follow up article as the year goes on. A big paycheck might make him reconsider. Like Frost, he has a national championship ring (LSU, 2019). Maybe hes learned a lot and would want to take a crack at it again, in the Big Ten? He appears more ready for a jump to a mid-major. A 54-22 record is solidly in the plus category, and he went 5-0 in bowl games as a head coach. He has solid Midwest ties and knows how to recruit gems. Chadwell followed it up by posting another 11-win season in 2021. Nebraska would be a decidedly new horizon. This guy has been around. The timing of Scott Frosts firing three games in gives him a head start over everyone else in the coaching carousel cycle, and its still extremely early. A similar implosion if he were to come to Lincoln cant be ruled out. Doerens time in Raleigh has been good but not great, and he hasnt lived up to the hype that came when he arrived after shocking everyone by going 12-2 at NIU. He losta lot. You cant find a more aggressive, out-of-his-mind competitor beyond him other than possibly Jim Harbaugh. Corn Nation, a Nebraska Cornhuskers community, By Silantro And dont forget, hes built a program from scratch. You probably have an opinion on this person. Arandas second season as a head coach was a surprise breakout, where the Bears won 12 games and upset Oklahoma State in the conference championship. He was the DC at Wisconsin and LSU and is now coaching the Baylor Bears. Why It Might Not: Lincoln might be outside his comfort zone. Jeff Schwartz (p) (402) 395-2134 How to Apply If you are interested , submit your application! Why It Might Work: Hes got a lot of energy for someone in his late sixties. Hes probably not going to win immediately, and how many more struggling seasons can Husker fans take? Why It Might Work: Stoops had a fantastic record at Oklahoma and set the program up for long term success. Creighton is 53. First, Moorhead probably isnt leaving Akron after one year. Quite the opposite, actually. Sure, but I feel like it would take a lot of rejection for Trev Alberts to dial his number. Closing Comment: Its a huge if whether he leaves an NFL coaching gig in his prime when the Bengals have finally achieved liftoff. Hes Miami of Ohios head coach, where hes been since 2014. There are many who would see this hire as a bit of a desperate move. Theres a pretty big crop of them right now and Nebraska should definitely exhaust all options there before looking at coordinators whove never been a head coach. Iowa States 2021 season, where they started ranked No. Matt Campbell (Iowa State) Dave Clawson (Wake Forest) Chris Kliemen (Kansas State) Jonathan Smith (Oregon State) Lance Liepold (Kansas) PJ Fleck Why It Might Not: Theres no question that the shine has worn off of Tom Herman. With little more than a single impressive season, there are reasons for skepticism. The former Washington head coach who led the Huskies to their only CFP appearance and who also built Boise State one of the Group of Fives top level programs, Petersen is currently retired and seems happy to be so. From Ottawa (KS) to Wabash (IN) to Drake (IA) and now EMU, Creighton has literally been around the Midwest. Nebraska Cornhuskers coaching candidates Jeff Monken, Army Black Knights head coach Jeff Lebby, Oklahoma Sooners offensive coordinator Brian Hartline, Five Heart Podcast 318: Nebraska Basketball, Spring Game Attendance and a new Memorial Stadium? So putting him in that position as the full-time Nebraska head coach, barring an Ed Orgeron-like interim season, would be a total crapshoot. Malzahns record is proven but hes far from perfect. Less what? Plus does he really want to leave the comfort of San Diego for a Big Ten job, again? And hes still young at 47. Plus he got axed from the Raiders on his second stint because of controversial emails sent a decade ago. But his two jobs at Texas and South Florida were massive failures. Closing Comment: It seems like it would take a lot to talk Petersen into coming to Lincoln. Husker message boards and Facebook groups are littered with Closing Comment: Like Matt Campbell, Fickell chose not to take any bigger job opportunities. At 63 with not much upside he is unlikely to be in high demand. March 3, 2023 7:00 am ET. Why It Might Work: Its not easy to beat Nick Saban, but Malzahn is one of the few people to do itmultiple times. Obviously he wasnt ready for the big job in Austin, but maybe Nebraska might be a better fit. Like Venables at Clemson, Leonhard has to be figuring he has a better job right now. Jon Hale is the University of Kentucky football beat writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader. His stints at Toledo (where he succeeded Tim Beckman) and Iowa State have been impressive relative to their place in the college football pecking order. He did exceptionally well with very little. Frost is a Husker legend who would surely be a popular hire with Nebraskas loyal fan base. How they do in replacing him will Why It Might Work: Narduzzi seems tailor-made for the Big Ten. Klieman appears to lack key knowledge of the Big Ten, and the Big 12 isnt great to prepare you for that. But Campbell has to get to a certain level this season to be in the mix. North Carolina or South Carolina (or even Clemson?) Hes a Husker and currently serving as interim coach. Nebraska coaching candidates Mark Stoops, Kentucky coach: Stoops has spent a decade methodically developing the Wildcats into an above-average, competent His time at Ohio State gives him an edge in recruiting knowledge, and at Texas he had no problem pulling in top classes. Meyer, a three-time national championship coach at Florida and Ohio State, was responsible for hiring OSU assistantZach Smith, whose wife accused him of abuse. How would the fan base react? As much as his teams have over-performed, they have also under-performed. Account Analyst Interns work in our Revenue Accounting Operations group in Atlanta, GA and are responsible for the management of our accounts receivable. Hes currently "coaching" the Dallas/Arlington Renegades in the XFL, a relatively low-profile job. It's certainly more highly resourced than Iowa State, especially with the Big 12 moving down in the pecking order with the forthcoming departures of Texas and Oklahoma. He knows exactly the caliber of players the NFL wants, and flashing a Super Bowl ring might be enticing to recruits, too. Nebraska has no natural rival in the Big Ten, as much as some want to make Iowa that team. He proved capable beyond that when he made the University of Buffalo more than just a scrappy program. As a former Husker, he should receive the slack Mike Riley wasnt given. Theres some question as to whether hed leave as hes turned down previous job offers from better college programs. Florida Atlantics head coach has seen an up-and-down career where he was once considered one of the hottest commodities in college football. KSU hasnt had a breakthrough season yet. If Nebraska is facing rejection from experienced candidateswhich itself would be alarmingthis is a solid emergency option, assuming he takes the call. And unlike Frost, he has no Nebraska ties to save him if he starts losing early. At the very least, he understands a winning culture. But here it is as written around September 12, with minor edits.). Hes currently in his first year coaching at Akron. Closing Comment: Its odd that Campbell didnt make a jump to a better job after last season. I do like the potential if he were to bring his Florida recruiting cache and mix in his Stanford-Harbaugh style from his early coaching career. Make no mistake: if Nebraska were to pull this off, it would be utterly stunning. By the time it got resolved, it was Thursday before the Oklahoma game. He knows how to coach up players, and most importantly, he knows how to run the damn ball, damn it. Hes a Penn State grad with strong Midwest recruiting ties, and was considered for the job in State College. Trev Alberts has the rest of 2022 to find the right guy. A longer track record of head coaching success would make him a slam dunk. Kill has decades of experience as a head Kansas was willing to take a chance, and it very much felt like throwing anything at a wall to see what sticks. Would he be up to it? And it begs the question, why has no one given him a serious look before now? All eyes will be on his performance as the interim coach. You may also remember him as the former OC of the New England Patriots once upon a time. He may have bitten off more than he could chew with the FSU job, but he was also succeeding Jimbo Fisher, one of the programs most successful coaches. Known for building Temple and Baylor into double-digit win teams despite difficult circumstances, Rhule is now trying to do it in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers. Other FBS programs have gone after FCS champion coaches and the hit rate is usually low. It would be like bringing in a far less successful Dabo Swinney. He also greatly benefited from Texas falling off and a Big 12 in flux with Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas A&M all leaving for other conferences. He is 1-5 in the Cy-Hawk trophy game, leading many to question his ability to handle the defense-heavy Big Ten. This seems like a name fairly low on the totem pole and would likely signal desperation. The first is the Big Names. 1. That would not be the case at Nebraska. Why It Might Work: He's got an impressive record, and to have the country talking about Coastal Carolina when most people have never even heard of them is quite an accomplishment. Why It Might Not: Theres not a lot to knock, but theres not a lot to get excited about, either. He was BYU's head coach from 2005 to 2015, going 99-43, and so it was a surprise when he left that job for a flailing Virginia program, which he promptly turned around and had them going to bowl games. The 3 leading candidates to replace Frost were revealed by Bruce Anytime you nab a successful head coach from the SEC, its going to create buzz. He is .500 in bowl games and has an overall record of 135-81, marking a solid resume for any head coach. Why It Might Not: Hokes failure at Michigan was widely publicized, and though he generally seemed to run a tight ship, theres been a fair amount of off-the-field controversy, which he is also dealing with now at San Diego State. On the other hand, theres a case to be made that maybe Nebraska should go that way. He might not want to take the risk himself. Fine, lets talk about it. The Huskers have added 39 new scholarship players via the transfer portal and the 2023 recruiting class. Hes now the head coach at Jacksonville State in Alabama. The state of Colorado isnt that far from Nebraska. Prior to this development, insiders were saying Campbell was interested in only two jobs: Ohio State and Notre Dame. Hed demand a hefty price and it seems highly unlikely that this marriage would happen. Closing Comment: Mickey Joseph would no doubt excite some Husker fans, and while I do get the argument for his upside, hes now 54 without a major head coaching gig. Almost a year to the day, he had a hand in beating Nebraska and ousting Frost. The resume is admittedly solid. Rhule also seems like a fine Big Ten fit. Fleck has since elevated Minnesota to a level of competition that no one would have thought possible. He orchestrated Cam Newtons Heisman season when serving as Auburns OC in 2010. NC States current head coach was formerly Wisconsins DC and crashed the BCS party in his second year as a head coach at Northern Illinois in 2012, when they went 12-2. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) In the Market: 2023 NFL Draft QB prospect superlatives after the season by Scott Rogust. The headlines would be juicy. Hes never been a head coach but Johnsons acumen as an assistant makes him someone likely to get an offer soon. That's the sort of sell job Frost needs to make. If youre looking for a Husker with head coaching experience who is likely to take the job and do at least moderately well, this is it. Theres no question he knows how to coach and recruit. Meyer didn't even make it through a full season in 2021 with the Jags. The guy everyone wanted once upon a time? Could he be a Husker version of Jim Harbaugh? Mostly known in Big Ten country for his three years at Michigan, Rich Rodriguez has actually been a head coach for a really long time and has a, shall we say, eclectic list of stops. That guy was Scott Frost. And, surprisingly, even after two head coaching jobs, it still feels to some like his potential remains untapped. Could that be the recipe? Herman quietly served as an analyst for the Chicago Bears last year and is now looking for a job. (Tom Brady). He was a part of the Minnesota breakthrough in 2016 that set the runway for P.J. Hes coached as an assistant at Louisville, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, and is now Michigan States OC, where hes done well. Regionally, itd be a good fit. Closing Comment: This would be a bizarre marriage if it happened. Hes an Ohio guy who loves Ohio. Overall the body work from Martin appears only slightly above average. He would have to go a long way to earn the trust of the players, fans, and boosters. As one of the SECs historical have-nots, the Bulldogs were a bottom feeder who Mullen steadily transformed into a team that came close to beating Alabama. Now hes Miami of Floridas DC. Then he became Houstons head coach and kicked butt in year one. It would be fascinating, though. His record as a head coach is simply too good to ignore. Previously he was a coordinator at Oklahoma, where he also did well. Hes certainly a good coach, but is he elite? Hes had other stops including LSU and is now the OC for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But more important than nostalgia is how disciplined his teams are. The Black Knights havent been this good since the 1940s. How could it not? Absolutely. But his most impressive feat is going an insane 83-9 (54-4 in conference) as Ohio States head coach, during which he won 3 Big Ten titles and 1 national championship. Meyer can coach college, but can he keep from becoming the focus for all the wrong reasons? Going 8-5 at KSU is apparently the equivalent of going 11-1 to some, and the record from NDSU predictably makes people salivate. Why It Might Not: Kentucky demonstrated tremendous patience through his early years developing the program, when his record was 12-24 (4-20 in conference) after 3 seasons. His best season was 2016 when he went 12-2 and lost to Georgia in the CFP. Heres a look at some potential candidates to take over the Cornhuskers: Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers head coach Rhule has several years left on his deal and He hasnt interviewed for any vacancies since his retirement. Like Frost, Joseph worked his way up the coaching ladder most recently at LSU where he developed what some say is the best group of wide receivers in history. So why isnt he coaching in Gainesville? His record at Mississippi State, while not enough to impress its athletic director, was far from terrible and showed signs of progress, especially in the SEC West. Hell soon be looking for another chance to lead a program. Hes generally seen as past his prime, and despite his Midwest (i.e. Its hard to say if hed consider Nebraska a destination. Another guy who had a surprising breakout 12-win season in year two as a head coach, Traylor and UTSA had a magical year in 2021. His experience working under Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich at Oregon, as well as a vote of confidence from +, (Introductory note: So, I initially had this written and ready to post last week, but there was a technical glitch with the New Fanpost button which I had to contact SB Nation support about. But the legal tampering window opens two days before that on March 13, where teams will be able to negotiate with free agents before the official start of the 2023 season. This could be the best time in his career to go after him. How much support would he get? He has a respectable head coaching record overall at 87-53. Thats an untenable situation for any head coach. And would he stick around, even if things go well? Monken has no Big Ten or Nebraska ties. Why It Might Work: Doeren runs the ball Big Ten style at NC State, and theyre very good at it. At most this would feel like a bridge coach. Nebraska would be an even tougher job. Nebraska needs a new football coach. Closing Comment: As far as fall-back options go, this isnt bad. He regularly punches above his weight and has out-schemed and out-coached Nebraska on multiple occasions. Why It Might Work: Joseph loves Nebraska, so hes got that going for him, right? So Ive compiled an exhaustive list below of virtually every coaching candidate I think Nebraska could pursue. Why It Might Not: It felt incestuous when Muschamp fell into the job at South Carolina, but such things are common in the SEC. Closing Comment: So Im skeptical about this. Hes dug them out of the doldrums and turned them into a solid program that has produced multiple seasons of double-digit wins. Closing Comment: Given the state of Pittsburghs and Nebraskas programs, some might consider this a lateral move. Why It Might Work: Absolutely no one expected UTSA to go 12-2, but the fact that the Roadrunners did has to count for something.

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