Encinada is definitely not safe. El Flaco es CAF. Ensenada has a regular port of call for luxurious cruise ships, which means a constant stream of tourists. Nonetheless, tourists must take precautions and respond to police reports. To avoid this risk park car only clearly visible parking areas, at night park vehicle on a security guard and use at least on anti-thief protection by car. A young man of approximately 20 years of age was murdered at dawn on Saturday, February 13, in the Valle de Guadalupe and another bound corpse was found on the beach of Ejido Erndira, south of Ensenada. Guanajuatos Irapuato took fifth place, while Baja Californias Ensenada took sixth. According to the mayor's office, Carnival had "threatened to cease operations in Ensenada unless security measures for passengers were enhanced." Id like to include some local Baja forums on this site, but Im not sure if I can. Ask Jim a Question about Cruise Law The warning for Baja California, which includes Tijuana and Ensenada, cites violence by criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking and human smuggling. Throughout his criminal career, he was linked to the Sinaloa Cartel under Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and with the CAF. He also owned two businesses for the purchase of scrap ironin El Sauzal and Mungua neighborhood. The drive is around 3 hours long and is a relatively easy drive. Carnival has not publicly stated that it has specific plans to resume its previous iteniraries to Ensenada. On the afternoon of Sunday, April 11, two armed individuals entered a property in the rural community of Esteban Cant in Ensenada, where a clandestine cockfight was taking place, to assassinate Salvador Gmez Ornelas, alias "El Junior" or "El Chavita", and his companion Manuel Torres, alias "El Torres". You will fall in love with Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe and go back and tell your closed-minded friends and family about what a great time you had. Overall had fun but if I did again, sad to say would absolutely NOT do a tour with the locals as theyre mostly all little bait and switch operations. According to numerous reports, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises canceled their itineraries to Ensenada, Mexico after a weekend of vandalism, looting and threats of mass violence by a drug cartel in that port city and other locations in Northern Baja. CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) A shooting by Mexican army soldiers left five people dead in the rough border city of Nuevo Laredo, igniting a clash between the soldiers and residents who came to the scene to protest. For the country as a whole, 2019 and 2020 were the most violent on record, with more than 34,000 intentional homicides each year. Some areas of Mexico have increased risk of crime and kidnapping. I was in culiacan 2 weeks ago and exxos and the small mom and pop shops can sell alcohol after 10. Ensenada is part of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network since 2015. 0:00. Every place they take you they get a kickback, which is fine, but I would rather go on my own next time and be able to choose where to go, not just who they have deals with. LOL Dynamisto, never a good idea to swing fists in bars. Vicente is the true heir to the throne of the cartel de Sinaloa and they never truly got along since Vicente had all of Culiacn as his respaldo and people really liked him, even in CDMX and Guadalajara he was well respected and got along with mostly everyone. Ensenada its not safe at all, transportation like Uber taxis and others have connection with kidnappers ,scammers, slot a shooting in a public touristics reas, I dont recommend but if you visit Ensenada always wacht your backs ,dont drink a lot and dont trust no body, I k now Ensenada very well ,by my owned experience I can tell. Furthermore, avoid driving after dark, keep an eye on cows and horses on the road, and fill up your gas tank as needed. Earlier in the week, Mexican police found the couple's blue Toyota Land Cruiser in the port city of Ensenada north of where the couple was staying. These two men were high-ranking Sinaloa Cartel members in Ensenada, Baja California (photo credit: Zeta Tijuana), Recent narcobanner found in Ensenada, Baja California. In rainy weather, puddles and ruts form on unpaved roads. Se les voy a poner fcil el mayo ya saba lo que vena despus de cooperar con la DEA la familia zambada salvo a sus hijos nuevas identidades testigos protegidos. In 24 hours, six men have been shot to death in Ensenada territory, four of them in the Wine Route area, one in the city and another further south of the municipality. TJ will always be caf. In Norway enjoying the tranquility, no wifi, no T.V., no traffic, great way to de-stress. You are in for a real treat! We will be stopping in Valle de Guadalupe, just East of Ensenada for wine tasting and lunch - the wine and farm-to-table gastronomy are mind blowing. Click here for the full document on the warnings. The safety of driving in Mexico, as I stated previously, is excellent, and, as a result, it is a great place to see the country. Last Friday, the Mexican drug cartel sent a warning promising mayhem on the streets throughout the weekend unless some of its gang members were released from prison. Now, the array of armed groups continues to expand, and they have also diversified their activities to encompass everything from fuel theft and migrant trafficking to contraband cigarette sales and Fentanyl pill production. There are a few spots open in Valle de Guadalupe. From wars on terror that largely consist of terrorising civilians, then, to wars on drugs that do the same, the imperial dots seem pretty well connected. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-85111060', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');cruise for just the afternoon and only see Papas and Beer. Always be careful when stepping out into a crosswalk car drivers, not every time stop to pass pedestrians. If the value is 0, it means it is perceived as very low, and if the value is 100, it means it is perceived as very high. The cheapest ways to get there are by car, bus, or tram. Extortion of cash is gained. The cockfighting arena is prepared with tarps, chairs, and tables for participants and spectators. Mexico San Diego Man Killed in Fight With Security Guards at Popular Bar in Ensenada Ruben Naranjo, 38, was a custodial employee for the Grossmont Union High School District working at El. Baja California is one of the safest places to drive. The US State Department does not provide any official travel warnings or restrictions for Ensenada, only for other parts of Mexico 1,400 miles away. Baltimore with the same population ended 337 homicides and St Louis per 100,000 was higher. the one in back took my billfold and said he needed to check for drugs. I had a completely different experience in Ensenada. The worst part is coming back and crossing the border. You, however are going to see and taste the REAL beauty! Back in 2012, Royal Caribbean and NCL cruise ships, which sailed to Mexico, repositioned from Los Angeles because of fears of violence in Mexico. Naturally, not all countries of the hemisphere have had the precise honour of being co-signatories to the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which swiftly dispensed with millions of Mexican livelihoods on behalf of US agribusiness and other noble sectors while also causing many Mexicans to view their own integration into the drug trade as the only viable economic option. Wear your purse across your body and don't count money in public. Add data for Rosarito, Nearby cities for which we have more contributors: El Torres and El Chavita shared several criminal charges, including one involving the murder of a cockfighting breeder who was killed in February 2021 in Ensenada. Buy Rent . View detailed crime rates in Ensenada, NM as well as a Ensenada crime density heat map. No, Not Safe, over 200 murders this year alone 2021, its July. Jim Walker graduated from law school in 1983 and has been handling maritime law cases for the past thirty-five years. However, before you begin driving down, there are a few things you should be aware of. Came on a cruise Feb 2023, took shuttle from port, did La Bufadora, city tour, and ATV tour. But the fear remained. Yet, the 2022 outlook for both the rule of law and public safety in Mexico and meaningful U.S.-Mexico security cooperation remains bleak. On April 14, four more narcobanners were placed outside of a home. The clash is between the Lara crime family - based in that area - with people working with Hernn Niebla's faction. travellerCA, these are my thoughts exactly (you put them into words, beautifully!). The local police are part of the scam as well. People can be real nasty. I guess chapo was the glue holding cds "together" but not no more, LOL grow up kid thats what was said about Golfo 2 decades ago. These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years. Of course it is safe, unless you go into Ensenada bars, swinging your fists at the locals and screaming profanities, there is little that can go wrong. According to the Border Report, the mayor of Ensenada, Mexico issued a public announcement that cruise ships are coming back after pulling out over security concerns for passengers and employees. El Polo has a record for car theft in Sinaloa in 2012, and for an attempted robbery with a man named Elvis Daniel Aguirre in November 2015. People get killed at the bars all the time at least once a month. Scams are super prevalent. Mexico danger map: Latest warnings from U.S. If you speak English, you can look up directions from a cab driver or an expat. Finished tour and was told I needed to pay extra $10 because I kept the driver all day. The land where the cockfight was held on Sunday, April 11, is on the way to La Bufadora rural community and is often used to organize bets. Gunmen robbed 22 Carnival passengers on an excursion in Mexico around ten years ago. I've been driving to Baja for 20 years, my girlfriends and I used to camp on the beach. More than 160 boats are expected to depart from . Just like any city anywhere in the world. Just like any city anywhere in the world. As a result, I cannot recommend Baja Bound enough for this trip, which was one of the most difficult parts. Guadalupe Island, nearest to the coast of the city, is one of the best places in the world for observing the great white shark. They DONT want you there, only your CASH. Every year, approximately 18 million passengers board Greyhound buses, which travel 5.4 billion miles (8.6 billion kilometers) on their fleet of approximately 1700 vehicles. the one in front kept asking if I was drinking, etc. All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! ULTIMATE ALLIANCE WOULD BE GUANO JOINING FORCES WITH MENCHO, SINCE NOW GUANOS FIGHTING FOR DURANGO AGAINST LOS CHAPITOS THE SNITCHALOANS CORRIDOS WONT BE ABLE TO SAVE THEM FROM THIS ONE.ITS COMING. Carnival and Royal Caribbean Suspend Cruises to Ensenada Due to Threats and Violence by Mexican Drug Cartel, Cruise Passenger Pleads Guilty to Murdering His Girlfriend on Carnival Elation, Passenger Arrested for Breaking Girlfriend's Jaw and Arm on Norwegian Breakaway, Grandfather of Toddler Who Fell From Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Arrested, or join the discussion on our Facebook page, MSC Cruises Crew Member Caught Filming Women in Bathroom, Health Hazard! There are several eye-catching buildings on the cliff side of the rest stop at km marker 84, which overlook the Bay. In Chihuahua, there were 142 homicides statewide in January, compared with 194 in January 2021, according to the most-recent monthly crime statistics from Mexico's national public safety system. For starters, although Mexico is of course not officially categorised as a global conflict zone, the country has had the grave misfortune to exist at the mercy of a United States-backed war on drugs since 2006, a full 12 years before AMLO assumed the presidency. 10:23 pay attention. I was able to save money by paying a bribe. The city has increased its police presence and has implemented a number of security measures to make sure visitors are safe. Government of Mazatln analyzes promoting the game of Ulama in the city, Mobile broadband network via space will cover marginalized areas of Mexico, Hotels in Guaymas and San Carlos hope to recover for Easter vacations during Semana Santa, How an Expats Opinion Of What It Would Be Like To Live In Mexico Changed After Moving to Mexico, Flying with pets in Mexico horror stories. Both were released. The more recent map is here. Second, there are a few areas in Ensenada that can be dangerous, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings and not to flash valuables around. If you are planning a trip to Ensenada, you should not let the citys past deter you. In addition to the general tourist warnings, specific prohibitions are issued to U.S. government employees staying or traveling in Mexico; the State Department advises that all U.S. citizens adhere to those rules. . What can Chernobyls dogs teach us about survival? I feel safer here than I did in Palm Desert! The latest threats issued against "El Mercenario" through narcobanners were signed by the Ensenada Cartel, whose members are part of an alternate cell of the Sinaloa Cartel, led by Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuo, alias "El Flaquito". As a result, when entering Ensenada, tourists no longer have to go through a health inspection. The Valle especially is rural and community-minded. Probably couldve got on Amazon for $30 but I need something to carry around for the day. They tell you one price and then when youre ready to leave its suddenly $20 moreshould have been my first clue. Intelligence reports reveal that between 2015 and 2020, El Chavita and El Polo's cells operated together. Women traveling alone will feel quite safe in Ensenada. Border & Baja. Tijuana and Los Angeles have higher crime rates than these cities. But yes Rosarito is safe. CAF is mearly TRYING to survive DON'T know why PEOPLE claim THEY are STILL a SOLID CARTEL That's the REASON they jump ship. The Courier Journal. This death is added to the triple homicide that occurred on Friday morning on the Ensenada-Tecate highway, kilometer 82, in the Francisco Zarco town. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I complied because I was alone at night on a side street with owner and 5 other guys. In a hypocritical arrangement typical of Mexicos nasty imperial neighbour, the US is itself responsible for not only the demand for drugs but also the criminalisation that makes their trafficking so lucrative and produces such violent competition in the first place with poor civilians often caught in the crossfire. They are shown in red on the map above. I thought akiles and Rama werent in good standing with Mayo anymore.. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-85110164', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Los Angeles. This is primarily due to the illegal drug and money laundering activities that take place in the area. The mission of BorderReport.com is to provide real-time delivery of the untold local stories about people living, working and migrating along the U.S. border with Mexico. Nearby cities for which we have more contributors: Every on the American continent is an American likewise Asia are Asians, Africa are Africans and Europe are Europeans. In the past, the city has been plagued by drug-related violence and crime. Please leave one below or join the discussion on our Facebook page. On Friday afternoon, another man was shot to death in Alisos and Brasil streets in the Tercer Ayuntamiento neighborhood. Guanajuato's . Due to contamination, Playa Hermosa Beach is closed for water activities. The city does not suffer from the cartels' showdowns, therefore terrorist attacks are unlikely here. @bulldog. I would like to enjoy my vacation. the boardwalk will close for triathlon, take your precautions, These are the challenges that Mazatln has in the face with the real estate boom, Despite stalled legalization, Marijuana producers in Sinaloa are still making plans for a legal global market. Level 2: Except for the two Level 1 states, travelers to all the rest are advised to exercise increased caution. These are shown in yellow. There are no health checkpoints or travel restrictions in place for those who test negative. He has a boat in a marina there. All this infighting is going to make it easier for CAF or CJNG to come in and try and take over some new areas. Mexican hospitality is leaps and bounds above any we have found in the world. Crime in Ensenada, Mexico Compare Ensenada with: Do you live in Ensenada? Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. El 6-1 no va salir anytime soon firmo 30 aos federal no estatal. How safe is Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe? November 2021; October 2021; September 2021; August 2021; July 2021; . There is no reason to drive at night in Mexico, but you should be cautious. Some compete some cooperate. Even if you can't say another thing in Spanish, it'll break the ice and show you're interested in being polite. The local government is extremely corrupt. They dont give a damn about tourists, only your money so read the rules by our USA govt about travelling to Mexico first before you go. Americans are sich a frightened flock. What's up with this guy ^^ always writing in CAPITAL LETTERS. Only other parts of Mexico, 1,400 miles away, have official US State Department travel warnings or restrictions. In terms of safety, the city center is still very secure, but risks exist in ungated communities further from the city center. I look at things in this light, I dont worry about a person coming into a store with automatic weapons shooting at people here living in Mexico. Fcil otros 10 aos. They drive around in Big Trucks, checking out the chicks, but fail to catch very few criminals. Violence can frequently affect tourists, so you should exercise caution if you are in this situation. Auto theft from foreign tourists is common here. Mexican States Six men have been shot to death in Ensenada, four of them in Valle de Guadalupe wine route February 16, 2021 3294 In 24 hours, six men have been shot to death in Ensenada territory, four of them in the Wine Route area, one in the city and another further south of the municipality. However, in recent years, the city has made strides in improving its safety. All rights reserved, Discover How To Call A Taxi In Tijuana Learn About The Cost And Safety Tips, Mayor Of Tijuana: Juan Manuel Gastlum Buenrostros Fight To Improve Quality Of Life In Mexicos Largest City, Exploring The Intertwined Cities Of Tijuana And Coronado, Uncovering The Real Tijuana: Examining The Complex Dynamics Of The Mexican City Beyond The Headlines, The Excitement Of Marriage Certificates In 1951 Tijuana Mexico, Exploring The Distance Between Tijuana And Mexicali. Some 1,500 kilometers south of Ensenada, the body of a 65-year-old Cabo San Lucas man was found washed up on a beach in Cabo Pulmo. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. Assuming you are asking if it is safe to drive to Ensenada from San Diego, the answer is generally yes. While El Chavita is from the faction of Hernn Niebla, successor of his brother Alfonso Niebla "El 90", murdered on February 3, 2019 at his home in Valle Dorado. Yes, it is safe to drive to Ensenada, Baja California. My parents were coming for a visit, so I wanted to take them on a trip down there for a day or two. I'm a local doesn't feel the same as 5 years ago police every were which is good but you don't know if they work for the cartel or the government is scary thing. Because of Semana Santa, the beaches were closed for three weeks, but they were reopened shortly after I returned. When caf allies itself with a certain group that side gets the upper hand. Mayo is a dumb ass if he really helped get them back in purto vallarta, ahorita se a de estar dando de sentones en un palo jajajaja. There are security concerns associated with Baja, particularly when it comes to the areas closest to the U.S. border. Homicides in Ensenada are the lowest in Baja. Embarrassed to admit, that my Spanish is minimal at best. I wonder if he is going to get out and leave the lifestyle behind or go back into (El Desmadre). If youre staying in the area, there will be more to see and do if you live in the north and south. As for safety, stupid is as stupid does. The city also is known for its wine plantations. Bought a bag for $75first quoted at $350 lol! They are shown in orange on the map. AIS tracking systems show both the Carnival Radiance and Royal Caribbeans Navigator of the Seas sailing in circles off the coast of Ensenada earlier this week. El Torres told investigators that he did not have issues with anyone and was unsure if anyone wanted to hurt him. As a February report from Justice in Mexico details, the number of murders in the state leapt to 560 in 2017, a nearly 300 percent increase over the 192 registered the prior year. the cartels. Wealthy individuals do not use bodyguards while traveling. According to official data analyzed . Si firmo por 30 pero segun dicen que si hiso trato con los federales. Update, 2023: The travel warnings have been changed since this article was published. completely sober and walking to the bank from the tourist area around 8:30 PM. I've gotten mixed responses about my trip, many saying it's safe just be cautious and others being close minded. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. 2023 Tour By Mexico. Visit the BorderReport.com homepage for the latest exclusive stories and breaking news about issues along the United States-Mexico border. A witness led police to the well. Restrictions in Mexico appear to have been lifted, including the entry of a health checkpoint into the city.

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