This is the second part where I continue the story where I stop by where Lincoln is comforted by the Santiago Family. [11] In "The Whole Picture," Lincoln had grown his first mustache hair. Poor girl has been suffering. Lori: *Furious, to Lynn* You deserved it! He had enough with us and told us that we only cared about ourselves. Lincoln once wore a Blarney suit for a whole week. Her sisters felt bad about Leni. Lincoln then picked her up by her ponytail. Characters from the Loud House/Casagrandes either shrink or grow in size. In "White Hare," Lincoln imagined how difficult it is to live with 15 extra sisters. Signed, Ronnie Anne. Lori slowed down the van and looked right as it turned out to be her boyfriends house. You did the right thing by standing up for yourself. Lincoln often breaks the fourth wall to explain what he is doing, the progress he's on, and what he has learned in the beginning, middle, and/or end, respectively. Lincoln: "I'll try.". Luna: *Furious, to Lynn* For what you did to our son figure, your dead to us, Lynn junior! As the middle child and the only boy, Lincoln is often used as a lab rat, or fashion show participant. Joe Padilla: Good, now you two have an nice evening. Lori Loud: (sobbing) Bobby, please! Lincoln was born in the limousine of the President of the United States. Lynn Loud Sr.: I guess I'll tell him later, but what did she say something to Lincoln? Lincoln: If you keep doing this, I'm going to have a word with the showrunner and-->the animator's stylus zips up Lincoln's lips to get him to shut up, annoyed, Lincoln grabs the zipper so he . It caused to wake everybody else up and ran out from their room to Lori and Leni's Room. At the Santiago household* Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lucy, Laney, Lily, Ronnie are inside the house*. Ronnie Anne: *Walks up to everyone, angry* What gave you the right to kick out my boyfriend/future husband!? GrouseRockyBeckyPrincipal HugginsPaigeSMOOCHCaseyNikkiSameerGabbyRichieByronCiciSidAdelaide ChangAngusLelaAgnes JohnsonTwelve Is MidnightCharlie (crush/(The Really Loud House only)), If I had to worry about my sisters every time I wanted to do something, I'd never do anything. Lynn Loud Sr.: Alright, where did you last seen him? You didn't know the truth until it was too late. According to Lincoln, he and Ronnie Anne enjoy garlic knots. and The Chipmunks, and more! Bobby Santiago: Well sorry isn't gonna help. They're half way there as the beeping goes faster once they reached him. She is blaming him for her teams losing! Lori Loud: Yes, I do too. If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be Euro DairyLand. What would happen if someone tried to kidnap him or getting him killed if we locked him outside! Now, let's get ourselves for dinner and where's Lincoln? Welcome to the family!New videos are released every Thursday, Friday and Sunday! ], Classmate #4: [reading the note] "Happy Sloppy Joe Tuesday, Lame-o. Lynn Loud Sr.: Of course not, she's going to interview with you for tomorrow. Let's find out in this scene from 'Not A Loud'. Subscribe for More of The Loud House \u0026 The Casagrandes: Watch More from The Loud House \u0026 Casagrandes: Watch More from Nick: What More SpongeBob: What More NickRewind: What More All That: Watch More Henry Danger: Watch More Americas Most Musical Family: Whats On TV? She exhaled. One popular theory is that it is from of the effects of stress, since coming from a large family can be very stressful. You shouldnt have! (giggles), Lincoln: "Ugh, the nicknames. Lincoln: *To Ronnie, Leni, Lucy, Laney Lori & Luna* Hold on guys, there's something I need to get. On Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Vlog #15, these two best friends send each other care packages to unbox on camera! On Lincoln's seventh birthday, he had a magician themed party. Although, he uses his left hand to write in some episodes. Lincoln ripped her ponytail out of her head! Sid, Adelaide and I just to came over to tell you the story! (sigh) I don't think it's gonna workout between us. In "Time Trap!", Lincoln and his siblings altered history, causing their parents to decide not to have any . You're safe now. His least favorite subject in school is Math. Why would I even have a girlfriend who pull down my pants, puts garbage in my locker, and physically harasses me with punches and sloppy joe's in my pantsfor three weeks straight! Living in a female-dominated family caused him to develop typically feminine traits, like kindness, sensitivity, cooking, beauty pageant knowledge, and sewing skills. The Loud House: Created by Chris Savino, Michael Rubiner. I mean it's stupid! Got it? It's my first ever one shot I've done. Ronnie Anne close her eyes and went to sleep. Lori: *sad* Did you hear him say he "faked" being bad luck? She turned around and walked back to the van. Guys, tell them I'm not crazy! Luna Loud: She got into a fight with Lincoln. (starts to sobbing) He sent our brother to the juvie school and never seen our brother again. Because of Lynn Jr.'s stupid Superstition, it ended up tearing her entire family apart. Lincoln beat him up until he get arrested because his parents are rich and demanding the cops to sent our brother to juvie! He set her picture down gently on her desk. When he goes too far, he will always find the solution even if that means making himself look like a fool. Ronnie Anne Santiago: You did redeem yourself for winning the game by next week. Lincoln is the first character to change voice actors/actresses due to their voice actor hitting puberty. In each episode, Lincoln must find a new way to solve the problems that face his huge household. Lynn looked up at her with tears flowing. Lori fed him his very first ice cream when he was around one years old. Ronnie Anne Santiago: Anytime lame-o. DON'T TRY AND DENY IT! Lynn: *Terrified* Lincoln, take it easy. Please ADD. If he could have a wish, it would be to be left-handed, since he thinks it would be cool. Lynn began to cry and fell on her knees. He and Clyde met by bumping into each other while cosplaying as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, respectively. Leni began to cry. In the siblings' story in "A Dark and Story Night," Lincoln imagines himself as a space cowboy named Triton. I guess I was too late to warned you. In "Time Trap! He appeared again in "Pulp Friction" when he and One-Eyed Jack were held captive by Wild Card Willy. Between the time that Lynn and Lincoln were born. Lincoln: *crosses arms* You weren't saying that when you locked me out the stupid house! The police couple got out from their car first and then Joe open the door for letting Rita and Lynn Senior out. Lori Loud: (snapped with tears) It's your fault that Bobby broke up with me twice! On May 17, 2022, Nickelodeon declared June 5 (the same date when. FanFiction Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. In this version, Lincoln has great detective skills, and maybe super strength and flight, and also wears a suit similar to Ace Savvy's. His sleepwear is an orange nightshirt with matching pants, but sometimes he wears an orange t-shirt and his underwear. Bobby Santiago: You're here to pick him up, aren't you? ", Lincoln: "Let me finish! Every time when things gets back to normal rather than getting along over and over again and we always get into fight. All she did was messing with him or broke his project for science and giving him "Dutch Oven" to gross him out. Ronnie Anne Santiago: Lincoln, you'll always fit in. When she sees Lincoln outside his house. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have been best friends for a long time and have more than a few amazing memories together. Bobby Santiago: Yeah, he did. Now they all felt sympathy for her. Lincoln often speaks to the viewers about how he gets around his often-chaotic household, the insane antics of his ten sisters, and other things he's doing, and it makes him break the fourth wall. Leni Loud: No! Who does that! Lynn Loud Sr.: Alright, is everyone here? It doesn't matter whether it's good luck or bad luck. On Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Vlog #15, these two best friends send each other care packages to unbox on camera! I tried to ignore them, but they just won't stop. Lola Loud: Yeah! This room is where Lynn and Lucy sleep. Bobby Santiago: Exactly! ", Lori: "SoBobby and I were I'm thinkingyou and Ronnie Anne should come along., Lincoln: Uh, I dont know about that. She looked at her friend smiled. The fanfic was originally posted on FanFiction.Net . Let's take a look at their friendship time. [10][11][12], Lincoln's best friends are Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, Ronnie Anne and Stella. Lincoln wears orange since Leni says that it looks good on him. While Ronnie Anne goes next to take a shower, Lincoln was in her room that he has never seen her room before. My great grandmother told me about what happened for today. Lincoln may have chipped his front tooth around the time. They felt pity on their daughters. When he or his sisters are in trouble, their dad uses Marie as a second name: Lincoln Marie Loud for him and L___ Marie Loud for his sisters. He has an overbite, with a prominent chipped front tooth, noticeable bags around his eyes, and freckles on his cheeks. Takes place in the middle of the events of the infamous episode No Such Luck. One Christmas Eve, the Ghosts of Christmas Present showed the effects of Flip's swindling on his customers. *throws her against the tree*. He and Clyde have come up with 2,000 different codes. She has her computer laptop on her desk right next to her bed. . If you want to stay, that's fine. Lincoln: Ill be honest, thats a pretty messed up way of thinking., Ronnie Anne: Ill say. Lori Loud: Any luck? What are Lincoln's parents hiding and why will no one tell him the truth? In "Recipe for Disaster," Lincoln dresses as Ace Savvy while investigating a mystery involving some frozen dinners using the same recipes as Lynn Sr. All other girls looked at their parents. I thought this was just a one-time thing, but because she's been doing this for a while, I'm being bullied not just by her, but by my classmates. This is getting of our hand! Lincoln thinks she's like any other girl, since she's just like her new sisters. I think they just did! Lincoln is the second smartest sibling, after. Bobby couldn't believe that he had to broke up with Lori again since last time. Seeing as Lucy was present and not a baby at the time, he would have been between the ages of five and ten. Lynn must've had her nightmare. I was wondering if your parents would like to know that when are you coming back. *To everyone, angry* I'm gonna help Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Lucy, and Laney pack their stuff and move out. He knew Lincoln is not coming back home with his sisters. Sometimes, he hangs out with other kids, but the rest of his social life has not been explored, and other kids can tease him depending on the circumstance.[13][14]. Lisa Loud: Patience my friends. Lori Loud: Well, one of my sister has a tracking device on Lincoln. ), Lincoln: "I am just about getting sick of your pranks and punches. She could see Lynn's tears started to shed. Care to elaborate? He smiled at them as both kids snuggled. He has never tried pizza with any sort of poultry on it. He tossed it out to the trash can. Its just who I am I guess., Lincoln: Call me crazy, but I have this hunch that you and I have a lot more in common than we thought., Lincoln: First off, do you like video games?, Ronnie Anne: Are you kidding? She says it reminds her of their maternal grandfather, and gets defensive if anybody mocks Lincoln for it.[20][21]. Bobby stood there in surprise how his girlfriend was here. She sat up and looked at the window for the night. Ronalda "Ronnie" Anne Santiago is a supporting character from The Loud House and the protagonist of its spin-off, The Casagrandes. We're okay. Lori was shocked to hear that her sisters were having nightmares. Rita Loud: (yelled) LYNN LOUD JUNIOR!!! Please. She hold Lincoln's hand. The girls listen to Lynn about her nightmare. Lincoln: *Realizes what his sisters are saying now*. I'll call Bobby and tell him everything.". Let's get back to sleep and by morning we'll find a way to bring it back together. Despite Lucy, Lisa, and Lily, they are the only girls that they don't have nightmares unlike most of the girls. I was too rough on him. She regret everything for what she just caused. Lynn Loud Jr.: Because..I had a bad dream. "Along Came a Sister". Lucy: *Furious, to Lynn* This is all your fault Lynn. She escorted her twin sisters to her bed to sleep with her. Like the time we fought over for money, the "spot", TV, pool, pizza, anything. *Begins to cry*. Her room is filled with light purple and gray with her skateboard was hanging on the wall with posters. (chuckles), Lincoln: "Lori(hugs her) Thanks for understanding. Lincoln was named after the street Chris Savino grew up on, which was named E Lincoln Ave. Before he was given his final name, Chris Savino said that Lincoln was either going to be named Luis, Leo, or Leon. Lincoln: *Annoyed & Furious with six "Mean" sisters* What do you abusers want!? We tried to help him, but made things worse and now he's mad at us." Rita: (shocked) "WHAT? The girls never knew how Lynn finally admitted. (started to sobbing) This is the worst day ever! Part 1: Luna Loud: Lynn, we're sorry that we blamed you. They snuggle in for her bed sheets. When he was feeling discouraged, he considered giving up wearing his Ace Savvy suit, but then a remark from Leni inspired him and he solved the case. Lori got out from the van and walked to the front door. Rita Loud: No buts, young lady! Dark Fic: The story involves Lincoln disowning his sisters and running away and the girls feeling extremely guilty and (in Lynn, Luna, and Lola's case) suicidal. She turned on the van and drive away as they left the Santiago House to return their home. After she's done, Lynn was about to head back to her room, but suddenly she heard Leni scream from her room. I think we should let him spend the night here to cool off. (sigh) What am I going to do with those girls. Forget it. ", the Louds recall that Lincoln once dressed up as Ace Savvy while attempting to take the last slice of pizza. They got off the couch and went to the kitchen to get some dinner. He yelled at us saying that we were selfish sisters. Lori Loud: I didn't know when this happens! After refusing maple syrup on his pancakes by claiming that he is "syruped out", Lincoln was banned from Canada for three years, which matches up to his duration of middle school. In the minicomic Deuces Wild!, Lincoln and Clyde imagine themselves as the superhero Ace Savvy, and his sidekick One-Eyed Jack respectively. Lincoln's middle name is "Albert" after his grandfather. She looked to the sky with so many stars. Around ages two and three, Lincoln took a bath with Lynn who was around four and five years old at the time. His white hair is a very unique feature that Lincoln has. It's been happening for 3 weeks straight. Luna Loud: I blasted him out by my loud music. Tinkerbell: Hey guys! One by one. It's so gross! There is another toy in Lincoln's room that resembles the Mazinger mech from the Mazinger franchise. I'll admit a part of me only did this so that the guys would stop teasing me. Lynn Loud Sr.: (sigh) Well, guess I'll have to make a quick phone call from your boyfriends house Lori glared at her dad for mentioning Bobby. I'm not sure about this. Maria Santiago: Sweetie, they were worried about you because they love you. He has one strand of chest hair. She turn the keys to turn off the van and looked at her sisters. And one more thing, don't ever do that to your son or your daughters again. Rita and Lynn Senior gasp in horrified. As soon as the door close, both parents glanced at each other and smiled. In "Family Bonding", Rita recalls that Lincoln once dressed up as Ace Savvy while spying on the neighbors and believing them to be supervillains. He close his eyes as well and went to sleep. Ronnie Anne: Thanks dudeRemember when I said that I didnt know how to express my feelings? Ronnie Anne Santiago: I'm just saying that do you love your family or not. When he pulled the rabbit out of the magician's hat, he got startled and screamed, the rabbit got chased by Charles and they ran into the table which sent Lincoln's birthday cake flying into his face. He wasn't sure if his parents wants him back. Lynn Loud Sr.: (livid) But that doesn't mean we went to jail! Dealing with that many sisters can be tough, but he loves the whole family and is always willing to lend a hand when they need him. It's ridiculous! The friends of all the other siblings now hate them and they became the most hated outcasts in Royal Woods. I failed. He gets nervous while meeting one of his idols for the first time. Ronnie Anne Santiago: It's fine, just giving you comfortable in case you have trouble of sleeping. [18] In spite of this, he is deeply insecure over feeling as though he is stuck in his sisters' shadows. He could get kidnapped or get killed by some burglars?! In "The Whole Picture," Lincoln remembers a time he dressed as Ace Savvy for Halloween in the past. Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln kicked out of his home and decides to take him out of there. Lynn Loud Jr.: He's not my brother anymore. Wolver-loud (A loud house/X-men cr. Rita Loud: Alright everyone, let's get so we can talk to you. Luna is rubbing her back to calm her down. So I took your advice, and stayed out of your fighting like you said," Said Lincoln. They looked at the TV as they watched together. Loud House + Helluva Boss Crossover. Or got yourself or your sisters banned from the community pool?! Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa and Vidia: Yeah! And don't get me started on the kissing. ", Lori: "I just got a call from Bobby that you made Ronnie Anne cry. Lynn Loud Jr.: C'mon you can't be serious! If it's ok with you. He open the door and walked back in as he slams the door behind him leaving Lori crying heartbroken. As with most characters, Lincoln is very skinny and has a large, round head with short white hair (light blond in live-action), with a large tuft of his hair sticking upwards on his left side and two strands sticking up on his right.

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